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Metrological compliance consultancy from SGS – confirm the conformity of your investment project to Russian metrological legislation requirements in the most cost-effective way.

Construction detail

In Russia, your industrial facility must adhere to the required metrological standards and legislation. Our metrological compliance consultancy services can help you to confirm that your investment project meets the requirements of Russian metrological legislation.

Why use metrological compliance consultancy from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Identify how to achieve cost-effective metrological compliance of your project – including pattern approval, verification and calibration of measuring instruments  
  • Assure precise adherence to reference and technical specifications for process equipment and measuring instruments
  • Avoid the costs and delays that result from non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Avoid excess testing costs by choosing the right measurement devices and methods

A Trusted Provider of metrological compliance consultancy

We offer you:

  • Expertise in international and Russian standards – we can help you reconcile the two systems quickly and effectively
  • A unique global reach with offices in all major countries – we can manage complex projects involving a number of parties and countries, providing a local service in the local language for you, your clients, partners and suppliers – all over the world
  • Expert metrological compliance consultancy – we can help you avoid potential delays, speed up the metrological compliance process and optimize your costs
  • Up-to-date knowledge on metrological compliance requirements and procedures – so you are in compliance with the very latest changes
  • A worldwide reputation for integrity, transparency and impartiality – that is why we are the first choice for clients across the globe requiring trusted metrological compliance consultancy in the Russian Federation

Contact us today to find out how our metrological compliance consultancy can help you assure your products conform with the metrological requirements of the Russian legislation.